Location: Roppongi
ALIFE home page

One of the most successful disco style Japanese club in Japan and one of my personal favourite. They cater to the young Japanese office lady and salaryman with the music being a mix of trendy hip-hop, old disco and some trance as well. The decoration is on the gorgeous side and there are 3 floors so it's quite spacious (1000 people capacity). If you are looking for underground club parties then its not for you but if you are looking for a typical popular japanese disco style spot then it's the place to be.

Their music style are All Mix, House, Hip Hop, Disco Classics and Trance.

Friday nights are the most packed day. Targeted to Office Ladies and Salary men.
Business men love this place as it is near Roppongi and the girls make up more than 60% of the crowd. Take a table on the VIP Space which is just in front the dance floor and invite some girls to drink with you. Better go with plenty of cash!

Location: Shinkibi, Koto-Ku
AgeHa home page

The biggest club in Japan with a capacity of nearly 4000 people and 3 separates areas which include: The mainfloor with the amazing Ageha sound system, the Water Bar which is perfect to chill out (which include a pool), and the Island bar which is the main bar area of Ageha with its own dancefloor and DJ booth as well. On the line-up side, its mostly hip-hop and reggae on the sub area while the mainfloor is all about big djs such as Danny Tenaglia, Tiesto or even Roger Sanchez. The only downside is that it is a bit far from Tokyo but they provide a bus service from Shibuya and Roppongi which make it easier to go there (30 minutes ride). Anyway highly recommended if you like big parties and one of the most go at least once club in Tokyo cause its really a world top class club!

Music style is House, Techno and Hardhouse.

Cocktails start from 500 yen and Soft Drink start from 300 yen.Saturday is the best day to go there as the biggest DJ's play there. Very internationally minded superclub. Past gigs include Danny Tenaglia, Hernan Cattaneo, Tiesto, David Guetta, Fatboy Slim , to name a few.

Big club. 3 main area, 3 rooms to dance including the huge main floor. Most successful events are gay events such as Paradise Ball which attract a 90% male crowd (3000 people every time)

Location: Shibuya
Club Asia home page

Club Asia is one of the club that launched the Shibuya Clubbing scene at the end of the 90's. It's quite big (more than 700 capacity) and used to be famous for their trance parties. Recently Club Asia seems to be more into Hiphop and R&B events while occasionally still doing some trance parties. Since 2004, club Asia have expanded with the sister club VUENOS (just in front Club Asia) which is all about R&B, HipHop and Reggae and the more VIP style lounge NEO (5th floor of Vuenos building).

Saturdays are usually crowded. Big line of very young kids in front of the club can be seen on Saturday . Some events at Club Asia let you go also to the sister club of Club Asia "Vuenos" (which is just accross the street) for free.

Very young shibuya crowd. Club Asia is also popular with young foreigners. Can be very challenging to move inside the club if over crowded.

Location: Kawasaki-Ku
Club Citta home page

It is technically not exactly a club but a multi purpose event space (live, club events or even TV Studio). Recently they also started to do a lot of Electro and trance events.

Crowd capacity is 1300.

They play all types of music, depending on the event.

Not always a club but also a live house so you better call before going. (Tel #: 044-244-7888). As it is not exactly in Tokyo, the club attract few Tokyoite clubbers but its packed with local young people. It is mostly reserved for the local people. Good electro/Rave events with Chicks on Speed, Takkyu Ishino or Venus Fly Trapp. Foreigners are few.

Location: Roppongi
Club Vanilla home page

Opened in October 2003, VANILLA is located at the ground floor, first floor and the second floor of the TSK Building (Ex-Coloseum Hall) and it is one of the biggest club in Tokyo. When all the different rooms are opened like they did once for the opening party, more than 5.000 people can fit. Currently Vanilla is by far the most popular nightspot in Roppongi attracting at least 2000 people every night on weekend. There are 3 main area with one dedicated to all mix style (Trance, R&B, disco), one dedicated to HipHop and one small area dedicated to House. For sure the entertainment spot in Roppongi that will fit anyone who is just looking for meeting people or drink with friends.

The best day to go there is the weekend for sure. There is no big difference between Friday or Saturday except that Friday is more for office workers.

It is a huge club which is a mix between a real club and a Japanese style club (disco)with a mostly mature crowd in their 25-35 years old. Not really a clubbing place to dance but more famous as a place to pick up girls or guys.

Location: Aoyama
Fai Aoyama home page

One of the symbols of the fashionable Aoyama area is without a doubt Fai Aoyama next to Max Mara and right on the basement of Starbucks Coffee. In the past, Fai Aoyama was known all over Tokyo to be the place for finding a partner easily but recently they changed and became a real club (but still kept the Fai very friendly atmosphere) by installing a powerful Dynacord sound system and by making a musical line up more into house and latin/jazz style.

Fai Aoyama is divided in 2 floors with the B1 Floor being a lounge bar for people who want to drink slowly or have a chat and the main floor which is the B2F where its the place to dance. Very friendly club.

Although it can only hold a capacity crowd of 300 but with a newly installed Dynacord sound system, it is rocking on the sound side.

Music style is Soul, House, Dance Classic, Jazz and Latin.

The best day to go there will depend completely on the event so check the schedule first. However for a date, the B1 floor is great and the staff are very friendly.

Location: Aoyama
Loop home page

Loop is a small club in Tokyo with a capacity that barely accomodate more than 150 people but they are highly respected as a top underground house club. Occasionally they have very big names spining there like Dimitri from Paris, Basement Jaxx or even Little Louie Vega. The reason is that Loop customers are very highly educated about House music. If you dont like commercial house music and prefer a more spirital and soulful house style then Loop is the best place to go.

The best day to go there is the 4th Saturday of every month when they have a party with the theme "In The Mix". Also watch out when DJ Nori is spining. Secret Gigs are also held at times with acts such as Little Louie Vega, Basement Jaxx or Dimitri from Paris when they are in town.

It is targeted at house music people who like deep & underground house or spiritual/soulful house. Opened in 1995, Loop is very respected as a small, tiny House club. It's for the music that you will go there!